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'Reality': Berlin Review

Sydney Sweeney stars as real-life American whistleblower Reality Winner in Tina Satter’s claustrophobic drama.

Reality starts off feeling claustrophobic and grows even more so as it tells the true story of American whistleblower Reality Leigh Winner, who in 2017 leaked confidential information about the US government’s knowledge of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Sydney Sweeney gives a deeply empathetic performance as the title character who spends the entirety of this film being interrogated by two male FBI agents, their dialogue taken from the transcripts of the actual exchange. Adapting her play Is This A Room, director and co-writer Tina Satter traps us in this small space with Winner, exploring the gender dynamics at play and the ways in which law enforcement officers slowly break down a suspect until they get what they want.

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